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Bathroom Overhaul

Bathroom Overhaul

Modern, Timeless, Cozy

We took this bathroom straight out of the 70's and into the modern world. This client was READY for a fresh new bathroom space that didn't have carpet or a coloured bathtub. 

The main goal of the space was to create a relaxing environment to unwind at the end of the day with a design that can last for years to come. With a preference for neutral colours, we kept the kept the walls and tiles light and added in a navy vanity and wood accents to balance it out and warm up the space. 

Marble accents on the floor and the lights added some glamour to the room. 

This space is now the perfect place for a relaxing bubble bath for mom or splashing around in the tub for the kiddos.

Are you looking to update your bathroom? Reach out to get started!

Before Photos

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