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Credit Union Update

Credit Union Update

Modern, Ergonomic, Productive

This local Credit Union needed more space to accommodate their growing number of employees but didn't know the best way to transform a single office into the coworking space that they needed. To create the additional space, we turned an underutilized single office into a space for three employees. Handpicked Interiors developed the layout based on the requirements of the organization as well as the constraints of the room to make sure that each employee has a space that functions for their job. While designing the space, we focused on incorporating the company colours by using a blue feature wall and organizer. To ensure the space looked modern while also being cohesive with the rest of the office, we used a similar wood tone for the desk and filing cabinet as the rest of the office spaces, but in an updated way. The light grey wall panels and charcoal borders provide a modern contrast that pops as soon as you walk in the door. We used ergonomic chairs, dual monitor arms, and desk mounted electrical outlets to ensure the space sets employees up to be their most effective.

Is your commercial office space in need of an update? Book an Initial Consultation today to see how I can help make your dream workspace come to life.

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