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A bedroom with a green herringbone accent wall, cream headboard, and green linen duvet cover
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CustomInteriors, Handpicked for You

Let's make your home remodel process a delight, instead of a torment, so that you can end up with exactly what you want, without going crazy in the process!

I know it’s hard to find a designer who can see your vision (even better than you can) and still keep your feet on the ground in terms of feasibility and cost. And I know it’s hard to find a construction manager who can make sure your project will end up both workable and breathtaking without going rogue, trying to fill in the details that they don’t understand from you. Then, to top it all off, you, as the owner, are somehow expected to manage these people in areas where you’re not an expert. It’s a torment. And it’s expensive. And you don’t have the time for it.

What you need is a Holistic Interior Designer who is part designer, part project manager, and who is there for YOU and your vision. I’m a unique combination of these skills, all wrapped up into one. I LOVE working with people who aren’t willing to sacrifice their vision of seeing their home take on a new gorgeous life. I will be your designer, helping you to craft your vision and add what you love to it. Plus, I will help coordinate your contractors so that you end up with what you envisioned, built solidly and according to budget.

There’s a better way to renovate. Let me prove it to you.

Interior Design

That's Brought to You

Short on time? My unique design process utilizes technology to minimize the amount of time spent in meetings and accelerate the design process. 

And, when we do meet in-person, I come to you! No need to go from store-to-store anymore, I'll bring flooring samples, tiles, colour swatches, and anything else you need right to your door to save time and eliminate decision overload.

Navy and White kitchen cabinets

Explore some of my Past Work

My Projects

Everyone's design style is different, which is why I design your home around what your personal taste is. Whether you already know your design style or aren't quite sure what it is yet, I work with you to ensure that the end result is completely tailored to your personal design style and lifestyle. Take a look at some of my past projects below to get a taste of what I can offer you.

Sarah Kreklewich

Lets Get Started

I Can't Wait to Meet You

All projects at Handpicked Interiors start with a free 15-minute Introductory Call! During this call, we will discuss my unique design process and see if we would be a good fit to work together for your renovation.

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