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Bedroom with a green accent wall, green linen sheets, and a cream headboard

Bedroom Refresh

Bedroom Refresh

Calm, Quiet, and Relaxing

This client wanted to give their bedroom a complete refresh but wasn't sure where to start. They wanted a space that they could come to at the end of the day and relax and their current room, a space filled with grey, was feeling drab. To turn that drab into fab, we exchanging all of that grey for different shades of green! The olive green herringbone accent wall makes a statement as soon as you walk into the room while the light green surrounding walls and green linen duvet cover complete the monotone colour scheme and make the room feel calming. The cream headboard and nightstands complement the green tones so that when you walk in you immediately feel relaxed. Natural wood elements were brought in through the décor, the fan, and the end tables to bring the outdoors in and make the space feel truly serene. The result? A bedroom that is the perfect spot to lay down and have a quiet moment for yourself.

Is your bedroom in need of an interior design refresh? Book an Introductory Call today to start designing your own little oasis.

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